Sports Centers in Fairfax County: Where to Find Basketball Courts

Are you looking for a place to play basketball in Fairfax County? Look no further! Wakefield Park is the perfect spot for outdoor activities, including basketball courts and a tennis complex. The Fairfax County Division of Community and Neighborhood Services has scheduled the community sports use of FCPS fields, gyms, and tracks. However, illuminated sports fields near residential areas may be closed before the hours listed. Additionally, user groups do not allow portable lighting on school fields and no one is allowed to stay on school facilities overnight.

Private users and groups that are not primarily Fairfax County citizens will be charged business rates. In many communities around the world, another art-inspired patio with upper floors would go unnoticed, but in the UK initiatives are rare. Fairfax County is fortunate to have Wakefield Park as an option for basketball courts and other outdoor activities. So if you're looking for a place to play basketball in Fairfax County, you know where to go!.